Short Film Block 5

The Choices We Make – Sunday September 24th 4PM – 5:30PM (RATING PG-13, simulated abuse, language, violence)

Films about the actions in our lives and the consequences those actions can have.

Overcast – Narrative film | 3:20 | Directed by: Aleksandar Mindov | Animation, Comedy

A cloud technician discovers the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel.

Boys Will Be Boys – Narrative Short | 6:22 | Directed by: Aaron Davis | Drama

After an argument with his girlfriend pushes him over the edge, a traumatized young man reflects on the normalized emotional abuse he has endured from the men in his life.

The Last Liftoff – Narrative Short | 14:45 | Directed by: Collin Nelson | Drama, Scifi, Space

An astronaut, with an impending mission on the horizon, tries to reconnect with his teenage daughter before it’s too late.

Pierre’s Hair – Narrative Short | 14:58 | Directed by: Mathilde LAPORTE, Julien Flechelle | Drama, Romance, French

Every day, Pierre goes to the book box in his village to find his next read. One morning, he stumbles upon a card. It has a handwritten poem at the back of it, strangely echoing his life, signed H.

SHE – Narrative Short | 12:06| Directed by: Carson Evans | Drama

When Maddy discovers clues alluding to her husband’s infidelity, she finds out that there may be more than just a mistress hiding in their marriage.

If The Trees Heard Us – Narrative Short | 13:00 | Directed by: Noah Griffin | Drama, Suspense, Short, Experimental

Lost within a vast, barren landscape, an estranged brother and sister embark on a journey in search of their childhood home.

THRU THE NIGHT – Documentary | 14:35 | Directed by: Christian Meola

A group of UT students strives to build a Christian community that encourages men to be vulnerable in a noisy, disruptive, and faith-testing world.

Decorator – Narrative Short | 6:09 | Directed by: Ramil Muradov, Nadir Aliyev | Fantasy, Drama

The existing classical and mythic characters have been adapted to modern times in this film. The Decorator (he is “Satan”) is busy building his own scenery near his workshop. A small object is falling from this decoration.

Liz & Karla – Narrative Short | 11:00 | Directed by: Sergio Eduardo Muñoz Esquer | Comedy, Drama

Two best friends have to pay their rent on time while mending their relationship.