Short Film Block 4

Searching for yourself – Sunday September 24th 2PM – 3:30PM (RATING PG 13, language)

Films that are introspective. Let’s all take a look at who we are and where we are going.

Battle Rattle – Narrative film | 13:27 | Directed by: Jen Wineman | Drama

From a full length play script (yet to be produced), this short focuses on two strangers, an Iraq War Veteran and a stay-at-home mother of three, who decompress at a bar after their first ever therapy sessions. Having opened the lid on their lives for the first time ever, they flirt, play a drinking game, and tempt disaster, all while avoiding the very real consequences waiting for them at home. This is a story of what happens when you open the floodgates on your life and let in the truth, whether you’re ready for it or not.

Moth – Music Video | 5:28 | Directed by: Kate Weare, Jack Flame Sorokin | Experimental, Short

Moth explores female desire in a darkened space of imagination using a single light source: a lantern. The film complicates ideas of sexual objectification, regret, and loss by tracing the flux of whose feelings matter most in the act of coupling. Longing permeates Nicole Vaughan-Diaz’s rendition of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” originally written by Horace Ott as an apology to his girlfriend for his own bad behavior, and subsequently made famous by Nina Simone’s iconic interpretatio

Camino a Casa – Documentary | 13:43 | Directed by: Jahaira Daga Acevedo | Drama, Experimental, Performance,

If your house were a person, what would you tell it? Dear house, I want to tell you I’ve been making this film for you.

Mind over Matter – Narrative Short | 8:01 | Directed by: Elisabeth Sandahl | Romance, Comedy

A daydreamer wishes for the perfect romance with her best friend, but when her wish comes true through her magic journal, she struggles to choose between reality and fantasy.

Rose-colored Glasses – Narrative Film | 10:08 | Directed by: April LeAnn | Drama

When an abused woman escapes her hardship with a pair of reality-altering glasses, she must find a way back to the real world or risk perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

Flying Blind – Narrative Short | 13:36 | Directed by: Dylan Richard Boling | Drama, Period Piece

A young man who grew up during the spectacular glow of the space race is forced to confront the reality that his dreams of the stars might not be where his fate lies.

Hometown Spirit – Narrative Short | 8:41 | Directed by: Ian LaBarge | Drama

It’s Friday night and a group of high schoolers out in their small town, but one of group members, Megan, wonders about leaving.

cycle – Documentary | 12:13| Directed by: Jay William Thomas

This documentary is an exploration of my father’s love of cycling told through a circuit race organization in Austin, Texas called the Driveway Series. I explored the incredible athleticism and dedication of these athletes and saw a passion that reflected what I witnessed growing up. Cycling has always been a tangential force in my life, and I wanted to know why people cycle and push themselves. What I found was my own fear. My fear of disappointing my father, for not taking part in a community he valued so much.