Short Film Block 2

Made Me Smile – Saturday September 23rd 4PM – 5:30PM (RATED PG-13, language, suggested drug use)

Heart warming, fun loving and bright shorts that can’t keep your lips from curving.

Galactic Greed – Narrative Short | 2:24 | Directed by: Hokin Chan | Sci-Fi, Dark Comedy

An alien travels to Earth only find out he cannot afford gas here. Using only coin he has to play the slot machine, he hits the jackpot but gets greedy.

Horace Gaither – Gotta Go ft. Treshino – Music Video | 2:40 | Directed by: Jared Kunish

Hip Hop, Rap, Kentucky

The Olden Golden – Narrative Short | 5:49 | Directed by: Benjamin W Jones | Adventure

In a search for all it’s cracked up to be, two rival boy ninjas compete to be the first to find the lost Olden Golden, the legendary golden egg.

Joints – Short Narrative | 12:33 | Directed by: Hadrian Lynn

Three high school teenage stoners find themselves entangled in unforeseen consequences.

The Harbinger – Narrative Short | 14:46 | Directed by: Stephanie BethAnne Larche | Fantasy, Drama

After a sudden death, a young man becomes a harbinger for the Grim Reaper, delivering death omens in exchange for extended life.

Unbreakable – Documentary | 15:00 | Directed by: Alex Astrella

Unbreakable shares Serena Young’s life story of overcoming a polio diagnosis on her path to becoming a successful orthopedic surgeon against all odds

The Moonlight Sword – Narrative Short | 9:13 | Directed by: Jon Powell | Fantasy

After failing to pull the sword from the stone and fulfill his destiny, a young boy and his elfin mentor must train before the arrival of an evil goblin.

The Winged Detectives – Narrative Short | 14:22 | Directed by: Paola Michaela | Coming of Age, Narrative, Teens, LGBTQ, Kids, Drama

The Winged Detectives is a queer coming-of-age short film, which follows Reagan and her friends as they prepare for the annual bird-watching competition. Tensions quickly rise for Reagan with the introduction of potential new friends and the absence of a special team member.

Carrots for Conrad – Narrative Short | 13:20 | Directed by: Jared Kunish | Horror, Comedy

After a curse is placed upon Conrad, he suspects he might be turning into a carrot. He has to race against time and find the person responsible for the curse before it’s too late.