Short Film Block 1

Stories from the SKY – Friday September 22nd 5:30PM – 7PM – (RATED PG-13 Adult Themes)

A collection of short films by local filmmakers telling local stories helping us all see the view from the SKY

Stewards of The Land – Documentary | 6:37 | Directed by: Thomas Wavid Johns

Before it makes it to your plate, American Lamb is raised by farmers and ranchers with a shared connection to caring for the land, the animals, and the local communities they serve across America. The nation’s shepherds and their families help to sustain working farmland and farm communities. Stewards of The Land follows family farmers and ranchers throughout the U.S. who are passionate about producing high quality protein in a way that sustains industry, supports communities, and preserves our land and ecological resources for future generations.

Manufactured Luck – Narrative Short | 15:20 | Directed by: Kevin Keck | Family Drama

Manufactured Luck dives into the day to day life of a young Appalachian girl and her grandfather as the two attempt to win a bike in a local grocery store sweepstakes.

In Situ – Narrative Short | 12:09 | Directed by: Walker Burris Cody | Drama

A sickly hunter searches the Kentucky countryside for the source of pollution poisoning her land and to avenge the death of her closest companion.

The Illness – Documentary Short | 24:00 | Directed by: Mike Wilkinson

This adventure documentary follows a blue-collar crew of Appalachian adventure seekers deep into the mountains as they climb, talk shit, fish for their dinner, and try to use their single-pitch skills to summit a 1,300ft rock face. Their main objective is to free an old aid route first established over 30 years ago, but will they succeed? Will they be strong enough? Will they be struck by lightning? One thing is for sure, they’ve been infected with “the illness!”

Private Screening TBA